Thursday, June 21, 2012

K9Kamp Wrap-up and Keeping Cool...

K9Kamp is over, but the fun continues as prizes are drawn and awarded to those who participated, or those who enter before June 23. Paige and I received an award along with two other campers, which you can see at the end of this post, and a prize package that includes toys, a gift certificate, and a copy of Dieting with My Dog by Peggy Frezon, one of the K9Kamp coordinators. We had a great time, and hope some of you will join us for next year's fun.

I must admit, we're glad Kamp didn't extend through this week, with its record-breaking temperatures: 95 degrees Wednesday, and 97 Thursday. Earlier in the week, Paige and I did some stair exercise, played with her toys, and worked on training. But the past two or three days, in spite of the air conditioning, our energy seemed to be sapped, so we engaged in quieter pursuits.

It's too hot to play, Mom!

However, there is one word that always gets Paige's attention...even when said by someone on television! When it's this hot, though, we skip the walks and do indoor activities, instead. If you do walk your dog on hot days, do it early in the morning or in the evening when it's a bit cooler. Let the dog stay on the grass to avoid burned paw pads from the hot pavement, and try to keep him/her in the shade to avoid a sunburned nose. Short-haired or hairless dogs can also get sunburned on their bodies, so never completely shave off a dog's coat unless there is a medical reason for doing so. The same coat that keeps them warm in winter also insulates them against heat in summer. And, remember that dogs also suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion just as humans do, so keep the walk short, forego jogging and running, and be sure to give them plenty of water.

Did somebody say, "WALK?"

Paige and I are doing another kind of "camping" this week: we're camping out downstairs where it's air-conditioned. Paige really enjoyed being able to cuddle on the couch with me overnight. A couple of times, when she heard cars pull into the parking lot behind our building, she jumped down, ran to the door, and gave one "woof," then came running back to let me know she was on duty. She's an excellent watch dog, and I told her so. When all was quiet again, she curled back up with me and went to sleep. At one point, she flipped over on her back and was snoring so loud she woke me up!

When she can't cuddle Mom
Paige loves to have a couple
of couch pillows to cuddle.

After a couple of hours, though, I had to move to my recliner because of my back. She wasn't happy that I moved, but settled down on the end of the couch nearest my chair.

Mom, you need a double wide
recliner so we can share it!

Paige and I are grateful that we can be inside where it's cool. Because it's so important, we just want to remind our readers of one more thing: NEVER leave a dog in a car when the temperature is 70 degrees or above. Even with the windows open part-way, the internal temperature of a car can rise to 116 degrees or higher in just ten minutes! When dogs inhale hot air, they can't cool themselves enough to avoid heatstroke. So, please, leave your dog at home where it has access to shade and cold water. With a few precautions, you and your dog can have fun with each other all summer long.

For participating in K9Kamp
in spite of chronic health issues.

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